Recommend: A Little Red Lipstick:

Top Five Red Lipsticks:

Greetings Everyone, Hope you are all having a wonderful week ^^

Yes, today’s post is about the rolls royce, creme de la creme item of the make up world…the classic red lipstick. And if you’re like me, you probably have a quite a few of these little gems lying around on your vanity table or inside your make-up bag. Now being the sucker for red lipsticks I am (and I swear it’s not because red is my favourite colour….) I have accumulated what have come to be my personal favourites….So here goes my top five:

First up is the very popular Ruby Woo by MAC ($36 AUS).  Great sheer finish, along with that nice trademark vanilla-like scent that come with MAC lipsticks that they are renowned for. Ideal if you are pale/fair in complexion with pink undertones.


Secondly, is Rouge Premiere (no. 752) by Christian Dior. Very similar to MAC’s Russian Red. Lovely bright, vibrant red colour, with a shiny finish. Perfect again if you are of pale/fair complexion with pink undertones. Also my personal favourite ^^.


Thirdly, is the lovely Sequins D’ Amour (No. 170N) by Lancome ($26 US), which is part of the Rogue In Love collection.  I have to say this is a very rich, luxurious lipstick, will make you feel like a million dollars and glides on in one go.  As with all Lancome lipsticks, they all have a very soft perfume-like scent, again, great for those of pale/fair complexion. Other colours include ”Midnight Rose” (No. 377N) which is ideal for those who are tanned, or of colour, while ”Corail In Love” (No. 322M) and ”Rose Boudoir” ( No. 340B) is ideal for those who have yellow undertones to their skin.


Fourth, is another MAC creation, the lovely Russian Red ($36 AUS) (below). A really intense red colour with a matte finish. Great for pale/fair skintones as well as tanned/coloured skin tones. For those with yellow undertones to your skin, ”Lady Danger” ($36 AUS) (second from below) is an ideal colour,  rich in a red coral colour. with a matte finish, these two colours will certainly make your lips pop.



Hopefully this post was  informative for those who are interested in looking for a great red lipstick, regardless of whether you have one too many red lipsticks, or if you’re on the hunt for your first ever red lipstick.



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