Face Time: All Things Facial and Lush:

Face mask, facial scrub, and Lush haul:

Hi Everyone,
Hope you are all doing well wherever you are….if you’re eating chips while reading this….i’m doing the same…except I’m typing this while eating chips ^^. I just posted these on instagram as well, but thought I’d accompany it with a nice little post.
As you can tell by the photos (maybe the title? yes…captain obvious much??) this is a recent haul I did, including face masks, and bath bombs (oohh Lush ^^).

Firstly, is the face masks ($2- $3 AUS) scrub ($3 AUS) and eye patches ($4- $5 AUS). The top row is the moisture mask, daily clinis mask, sakura honey mask. Bottom row is: nutrition pumpkin mask, nature republic eye patches, oatmeal face scrub, and the daily fresh egg mask. I have used the sakura honey mask before and it is incredibly moisturising, so I would recommend it if you have dry skin. The oatmeal scrub I have also used as well, and it really does get into the pores to remove alot of the impurities from the skin. The rest of the items are all first time purchases, so once I use them I will be doing a review on them later in the future. The nature republic eye patches I have never used before, so I will be doing a review on them later as well, as the reason why I bought it was because the matching toner and moisturizer is incredibly rich and great for use during the winter months, and for dry skin.


Secondly, is the bath bombs I bought from Lush. In all honesty, I don’t really use bath bombs very often, but I must confess once I smelled these, I fell in love. The large size one is the ”So White” bath bomb ($5.95 AUS) and the smaller size one is the ”butterball” bath bomb ($5.50).
The ”’So White” bath bomb smells like expensive apples, and apparently inside is pink in colour, so watching my bath tub turn pink will be a sight to see. The ”butterball” contains small chunks of cocoa butter which is meant to moisturize your skin, while giving off a soft musk/vanilla scent. Both bath bombs smell AH-MAZING so I’m looking forward to reviewing these babies later on.

lushbathbm2 lushbathbmb

Hope you all enjoyed this little post….now time to eat more chips ^^. I also did a mini necklace purchase which I will put on my fashion page.


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