Bathroom: Perfumes, Lotions and Hair Potions

Perfumes, Lotions and Hair Potions:

Hey Everyone ^^

Hope you are all enjoying your day today…it might not be as amusing as those cute youtube videos of cats playing piano…but it’ll be just as good ^^

Alrighty, firstly, is the new (well I suppose relatively new) perfume ”Candy” by Prada. And may I say, it does smell like candy….not cheap candy, but more along the lines of expensive candy. When you smell it straight out of the bottle, it does smell pretty sweet, but once you spray it on your skin, it smells completely different. The candy smell is still there (it would have to be considering the name) but the fragrance changes quite a bit, to a more I suppose ”grown up” scent, and it will make you feel pretty expensive. It’s the next best things to their luxury handbags.


Secondly, is the David Babaii for Wildaid Bohemian Beach Spray. At first I wasn’t going to get this, as I thought ”oh it’s one of those overrated hairsprays that’s just popular because Kate Hudson is their spokesperson”…but having used it a few times already, over the summer months, it does do a pretty good job of giving your hair that beach hair sort of look. So if you’re a fan of hairsprays that smell like vanilla and expensive fairy floss, you will probably enjoy this one.


The third item I got was from Lush. To be honest, I don’t go there very often as it seems everytime I walk past any of their stores, the smell seems to overwhelm me, however, I ignored that as I made a beeline straight for the ”Vanilla Dee Lite” body lotion. Having used this quite a few times in the past, this body lotion I think is pretty underrated, despite the label saying that it is ”delightfully soothing, creamily smoothing”, I think they should change it to ”you will have awesomely (is there such a word?) smooth skin”, not only does it smell like heaven but it will certainly make your skin feel that way.

Vanilla Dee-Lite

Second last, is the new fragrance by Lady Gaga ”Fame” ($55 AUS) Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen the ad for it quite a bit. I love this perfume. In my opinion, the scent straight out the bottle does smell a bit much, but for some reason when you spray it on (it sprays on clear and dries clear by the way…so you won’t be covered in black stains) the scent calms down a little, but it stays there pretty much the entire day. Great if you want to smell like an expensive rich lady. I love it.


And last but not least, is the Herb Day Cleansing Wipes from The Face Shop ($3.80 AUS). I only just bought these simply because I couldn’t be bothered to go to priceline to get my usual make up remover towelettes by Nivea. Yes, I have my lazy moments….don’t deny it, you have them too ^^. As this is for combination skin, (the one for oily skin is in a blue packet) it does a great job of removing most of the make-up off my face, though for a thorough job I would suggest to use to if you want to leave your face squeaky clean. Smells great, and affordable.


Hope you all enjoyed that post, the hairspray I bought from Priceline, but you can get it at pretty much any chemist/beauty/hairdresser store and the two perfumes, I got from Myer, and the make up towelettes I purchased from the face shop store (at the Galeries Victoria in Sydney).

See you in my next blog everybody! ^^


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