Review: Revlon Colourstay Smoky Shadow Stick (201 Torche Incendiaire)

Revlon Colourstay Smoky Shadow Stick

Hi Everyone ^^

Yep, another review on a Revlon product. Thrilling stuff huh? ^^

Ok, todays quick review is on the Smoky Shadow Stick in 201 Torche Incendiaire.  I also received this one for Christmas last year, and despite not being a huge fan of Revlon, it’s not a bad eyeshadow stick at all. The main thing I like about it is that, as it’s a stick, it’s incredibly convenient to use, and a great space saver, which probably explains why it’s always in my make up bag I take to the gym…hmm. The colour’s are also very nice too; as I’m on the more slightly fair side, the pink base matches nicely with my skin (really great if you use it with MAC’s Paint Pot in Painterly), while the brown brings out my eyes without making me look like I have either panda eyes, or cross-eyed. It also blends quite well too, giving a nice sheer glow to the eyes. The only gripe I have is that, if like me, you use this on most days, I found that it does go pretty fast, so do keep that in mind if you use it on most occasions.


Hope you all enjoyed this post, and that it was helpful to you. Feel free to suggest any other products you think I should review in the comments below, or you can tweet me on twitter ^^.



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