Review: Revlon Nail Art ”Break Up” In ”Cruel Intentions”

Hi everyone,

Yes, I know long time no post >.<. I am working on posts at the moment, I’m just busy editing them and it seems to be taking me a bit longer than I’d like.

Anyways, this is just a quick review on the crackle effect nail polish from Revlon. I got this for Christmas last year, and at first I wasn’t really into it, as I’m not really a huge fan of Revlon’s nail polishes; I find their colours just don’t seem as pigmented as I like them to be, but I seeing as it was a present, I had to start using it at some point.

The colour pair I got was (1) Cruel (2) Intentions. Having now used it quite a few times, it’s not the best nail polish, but it’s not terrible either. The gold is the base colour and the black is the top coat that dries to the crackle pattern. Overall the colour payoff isn’t too bad, the finished product does look quite nice.


My issues with it however is that because you need quite a few coats to get the colour, you do end up using quite a bit of product, which is a little wasteful, as there is only a small amount on both sides. Also, it takes FOREVER to dry, and the fact that as I said, you do need a few coats, the drying time is extended.

I would probably recommend this for those who are just starting to get into painting their nails, and want to experiment with the crackle effect, as when applied properly, turns out very pretty. For those who are seasoned nail polish experts/aficionados, I would skip this and go for a better quality polish from brands such as O.P.I. or Essie etc.



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