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Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well wherever you are….if you’re at work reading this well, hopefully this will be helpful and possibly entertaining post for you ^^.

Asi’m sure most of you know,  MAC’s new ”Archie’s Girls” collection, has just hit Australian shores  around a week or so ago (yes, us Australians are always the last to get everything =.=). So I decided to venture off to my nearest MAC store (because I am a sucker for cute packaging…don’t deny it now) and I have to say after spending a large amount of time inspecting the entire collection whilst turning my hand into some sort of freak of nature rainbow….I unfortunately  found a majority of the colours to be either unwearable, or unsuitable for my skintone, resulting in me ending up with just a few items from the collection.


First on the list is the Veronica Lipglass in Strawberry Malt. Despite the colour in the tube being a somewhat dull (but pretty) red,  once you swatch it, it will come out as a very vibrant pink/red colour (almost a fire engine red). Personally I prefer to wear this on it’s own, as the colour is quite highly pigmented, however if you’re a bit more daring, pair it with your favourite red lipstick for a pair of lips that will stick out much more than a sore thumb.


Secondly is the Caramel Sundae Eyeshadow Qaud,  which contains the following four shades: Caramel Sundae, Cheryl Chic, Dreamaker and Showstopper. As with all MAC eyeshadows, they are all highly pigmented and buildable. Dreammaker (Pale frosty yellow) and Cheryl Chic (light coral pink) give off a frosty finish, whilst Caramel Sundae (midtone warm tan) provides a satin finish, and Showstopper (dark, cool-toned brown) gives a matte finish.

In terms of practicality and usage, most of the colours (except Cheryl Chic – for me it just seems too pink for my skin tone) aren’t too bad for an everyday brown toned smokey eye look, plus the size is quite compact, so you can use it for travel, or pop it into your make up bag  to take with you to work. However, I wouldn’t say it’s a must have palette, there are plenty of other great neutral base palettes out there, but again if you are a fan of MAC’s limited edition collections,  feel free to check it out.

Mac Archie Girls Review 2

Third on the list is the Betty Powder Blush in Cream Soda. It comes in a light pink-neutral toned colour, with a satin finish. Overall it’s not a bad blush, however I think it may be more suitable for those with olive or slightly tanned skin; if you are fair/pale, the colour payoff may come out as quite strong, so if you do use this, I would suggest to put on a little bit at time, until you get the right finish you want, otherwise if you put too much on you’ll probably end up spending half a century trying to blend it out.


Fourth is the Pearlmatte Face Powder in Veronica’s Blush (below) Now this I found to be not too bad, and probably more practical than the Betty Powder Blush above, as I found that it went quite nicely with my skin tone. The colour is a nice silvery pink base with deep pink hearts, that will give your cheeks that lovely flush of colour, without looking like a clown (and no-one wants to look like a clown), or you can double it as a highlighter as well. If you have tanned/olive skin, the shade Flatter Me (second below) may be best for you, as the golden peach colour is quite similar to the Betty Powder Blush, while the coral hearts add an extra hint of colour to the cheeks. But due to the strong colour payoff, I would also suggest using this sparingly as well.



I hope this post was helpful to you all in some way shape or form. As I said before, most of the colours were unwearable for my skintone, however if you have a different skintone to me, you might find the collection quite interesting, but do keep in mind that as this collection is based on comic book characters, the colours are going to be slightly exaggerated, so if you do end up purchasing these, just make sure you don’t go overboard with applying it on your make-up (unless of course your aiming for the comic book character look, then by all means go for it ^^).

If you have any other suggestions, or requests for me to do reviews on other products/collections, feel free to leave them in the comments below or you can tweet them to me on twitter.


3 thoughts on “Collections: MAC: Archies Girls

  1. I can’t wait for my move to Sydney, I love brands like MAC that can only be found in Myers.. Something that my dingy little town lacks.
    We will have to have lots of shopping adventures!

    • I can’t wait either ^^ honestly, just hurry up and get over here already T__T…the amazing shopping adventures we shall have my dear will be endless hehehe ^^…especially visiting the MAC store…we’ll be covered in so many swatches we’ll be more colourful than a rainbow ^^

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