Happy Hauling: March Edition

Hello one and all ^^ hope you’re all having a great easter weekend…and (hopefully) not gorging on too much chocolate ^^ hehehe

Anyhows, this post is devoted to all the beauty related items I’ve got (or possibly accumulated??) over the past few days during this month. Most of the items I purchased are mostly all things that I’ve been meaning to try (or have just been released) for quite some time…so here goes ^^

Firstly, I decided to take a nice leisurely stroll towards my nearest MAC store to get the recently released MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation in NC20 ($49 AUS) as well as one of their nude/pink-toned lipsticks in Japanese Maple ($35) and I didn’t buy this just because I’m a sucker for all things oriental/asian themed…honestly >.>.

I also then visited a friend of mines clothing/cosmetic store (called East Avenue) at my other second favourite place…Chinatown and got one my (new) favourite eye/lip make-up remover pads from Skin79 (well known for their BB Creams which I’m a fan of). The reason why I love this product (aside from the fact that it effectively removes eye/lip make up….in one swipe btw ^^) it leave NO greasy/oily residue, and it has an incredibly low (and quite pleasant) fragrance that you can just smell, but it will most definitely not overpower you, so I would recommend this for all skin types, even if you have sensitive skin.

review pics 001

Next Up, is the Bioderma toner/make-up remover/all-in-one/ for sensitive skin. I heard many a great reviews about this product from quite a few beauty guru’s on youtube, so I thought I’d go get it and try it out. I sampled a bit of it at the store I bought it at, and it seemed pretty good, but I will be doing a review on this once I use it more often. Secondly is actually a re-stock item, which is my favourite Gingko Facial Cleanser. It keeps my skin in check, and feeling nice and squeaky clean. Great cleanser.

review pics 003

And lastly is actually a mini jewllery and hair accessory haul. The two earrings I got are super sparkly (yes, I’m a sucker for all things bling >.>) and a cute and quirky moustache hair tie. Both items were bought in Chinatown at a store called East Avenue (which is owned by a friend of mine ^^). So for those living in Sydney, and you’re after unique, one-off handmade earrings, this is the place for you ^^.

review pics 002

Hopefully you all enjoyed this post, I will be doing reviews in the future on all the new items I bought in the near future, so do keep an eye out for that. I also have a twitter (@meiakane) and as well as an instagram account (meiakane_h), so if you don’t mind random pointless pictures, comprising mostly of food and all things cute…feel free to have a look ^^.




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