Haul: Birthday Presents

Hi everyone ^^ hope you are all feeling fabulous and great today ^^

I meant to post this haul a few days ago, however, thanks to my busy schedule, I never got a chance to post it. Thankfully, now I can finally post this up and share it with you all ^^. Just last week, I celebrated my birthday, and I got quite a few items that I actually needed (as well as lusting over for quite some time >.>) so I thought I’d share a few things I received.

review pics 011review pics 012review pics 013

The shoes I got from my (super-duper awesome) mother, the kimmidoll necklace and butterfly earring I recived from my best friend Luci (of Luci’sLog fame), the silver earrings and pearl hairclip I received from another friend of mine, and the rose gold earrings and the blue earrings with the bows I bought for myself ^^.

Hope you enjoyed this random (and short) post.



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