Review: Loreal Nude Magique BB Cream

Hello everyone ^^…yup long time no post…ai ai…I swear I will get better at this one day >.<

Anyhows, today’s review will be all about the new Loreal Nude Magique BB Cream. The shade I bought was in the Light Skin Tone category, but is available in light to medium shades, to suit a general consensus of skin tones. According to the bottle, it promises to do the following:

*Flawless coverage

*Perfectly even skin texture

*Fresh dewy glow

*24hr hydration

*Protects with SPF 12

The magic: Smart pigment capsules in a feather light hydrator transform in foundation on contact with skin. Weightless bareskin sensation. A perfect nude look

Now, for those who are aware of the BB cream formula, ( Asian BB creams being a prime example) you’d expect it to be all nice and creamy and moisturizing. Sadly, this so called ”bb cream” from Loreal doesn’t live up to it….at all….infact, it’s pretty terrible. Including the cheap sunscreen type smell.

 review pics 001review pics 004review pics 003review pics 002

Firstly, the texture is incredibly runny ( i swear this stuff ran down my hand, and out of the bottle faster than pouring out a bottle of olive oil). Secondly, upon application it felt incredibly grainy; (best to use this with your fingers…forget using a brush as it will drive you nuts applying it) it was was if I was giving my face a mini exfoliation…thanks to the ”smart pigment capsules” that are meant to burst to give the formula the colour it’s meant to be, which on paper seems quite promising,  however the texture still feels grainy even after application.

As for the ”24 hour hydration”….ok, what hydration?. Mixing your regular foundation and moisturizer would do a hell of a better job than this would. In terms of coverage, it is very sheer (not flawless as it so claims) and oxidizes like no other, so if you have yellow/orange undertones to your skin, this MIGHT work for you if you are curious to try it out. In terms of wear, you’ll be lucky to get 5 hours before it starts to melt away from the skin. If your skin is in quite good condition, then you might want to try this out if you are curious, however for those with acne prone skin or other skin related issues, stay away from this as it won’t give you the coverage that you’re after.

In comparison with Asian BB creams, the Loreal one is no where near as good, the texture being the most obvious difference as Asian BB creams are renowned for being creamy and moisturizing. The SPF level of 12 is also pretty pathetic, (seriously??) as the Asian BB creams have an SPF level of 3o-50 at most.

Aside from the lightweight feel and weightless sensation, which is the only thing this ”BB Cream” achieved, everything else was quite terrible.

Overall, I just wouldn’t recommend this at all. As I mentioned before, this is pretty much a tinted moisturizer (and a rather runny one) that pretty much covers well, nothing really, as there is no coverage at all. If ou are after a good quality BB Cream, I suggest to save up a bit extra and invest in a good quality BB Cream that is good for you skin type.

I hope this review helped you out in someway for anyone that was curious about the new Loreal BB Cream or looking to try out BB Creams.



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