Empties: Spring/Summer Edition 12/13

Hello one and all, I hope you’ve all had a good, productive week so far…and for those looking forward to the weekend, it’s only one more day to wait ^^

As you can tell by the title of this post, I have decided to go the seasonal route as I do like to use up all the new products I buy during these two seasons, so I can decide if I should repurchase the new items or not.

Firstly is a regular favourite of mine which is the Gingko facial wash. I’ve been using it during the warmer months, and together with the Dove moisturizer, it’s done a really good job of keeping my ”always-gets-oily-in-summer” skin at bay.

Secondly the ”pink” nourishing body wash. Aside from the body wash itself coming out in a pink colour, its really nice and moisturizing, the scent is quite nice as well, but the best part about it is that Dove are partners with the national breast cancer foundation in Australia and New Zealand, so you’ll be getting nice smooth skin while helping out the breast cancer foundation at the same time. Now that’s multitasking ^^.

Thirdly is the Dove Daily Moisture Conditioner, which I use with the Intense Repair Shampoo, and for some reason they work really well together for my damaged hair. The texture of the conditioner has a really nice thick consistency which might explain why it seems to work well with the Intense repair shampoo, so I will repurchasing this handy conditioner again.

Fourth is the Dove Solutions Intense Repair Shampoo. As I tend to straighten/curl/colour my hair etc…naturally my hair is going to start drying out. Prior to using this shampoo, I used to use the Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo which was ok, but didn’t really do much for my hair. So then I switched to the Intense Repair and I must say it’s slowly improving the quality of my hair. It still feels mostly dry, but I can feel it starting to gradually work (despite still straightening my hair…counterproductive I know >.>). Despite planning to try out a few other shampoos for damaged hair, (I’m quite curious about the new Clear Hair Shampoo range) I think I might actually end up re-purchasing this.

Next is the Dove essential nutrients protective moisturizing lotion. I bought this around the middle of spring and it’s been great for me over the spring and the stinking hot summer months in Australia. It kept my skin nice and moisturized and my oiliness down quite a bit. The extra UV and UVB protection was a great bonus too, ontop of the SPF 15 protection. I would definitely recommend this for those who are about to go into the spring/summer months, as I will definitely be buying this again next spring.

Fifth, is the Schick Satin Care Shaving Gel (sensitive skin). I use this shaving gel along with my Venus Quattro razor, and I must say it does a pretty darn good job. Lately during the later summer months I’ve been too lazy to get my legs waxed so I’ve gone back to shaving my legs instead. I really like this because it doesn’t leave my skin irritated or itchy, but it will leave my skin feeling all nice and smooth (which is whatevery girl wants ^^).

And lastly but not least is a lip/eye remover from a Korean company called Scandal. As with all most lip/eye make up removers, it has the oily layer and the normal liquid toner layer thing….clearly I’m adept at doing descriptions here. But anyways, it’s a pretty effective make up remover; just dap a few drops on a cotton pad, hold it on your eye lid or lips for a few seconds and wipe away, and most of your eye/lip make-up will go in one swipe. Very effective ineed.

And there you have it, (took a while I know >.>) (I hope you enjoyed this post though) they are pretty much all the products I’ve been using over the spring/summer months. I actually have a few more however I haven’t finished them yet, so I’ll most likely include these in my next seasonal empties post.

Hope you all have a fabulous week, or a fabulous weekend wherever you are, and I’ll see you in the next post ^^




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