Inspire: decoration/spring cleaning


Hello one and all, I hope you are all doing wonderful this week ^^.

I know this is a non-beauty related post, but I felt inspired to do this after talking with Luci about how bored she’s been lately, due to a rather….”quiet” work schedule. So I thought I’d come up with a quick post on the things to do to not only beat the boredom blues but give you a kickstart to your spring cleaning season.


Organize your jewellery.

I’m sure (like me) that most of you probably have your jewllery heaped up in a pile higher than Mount Everest and the thought of trying to find your favourite amongst the carnage is a nightmare (the thought of undoing tangle necklaces is daunting enough T__T). However, with just a large pin board/empty frame, a box of push pins andsome string, you’ll end up with your very own necklace display that will rival any jewellery store window in no time.

The-French-Bedroom-Company_EL_10jan13_pr_b_320x480 a11e3580d91b3a909433aab71368065e modern-framed-jewellery-display.jpg w=510

Re-fresh your windows.

Now this can be anything from just adding cute little decorations to your curtains, changing the curtain tie to your favourite ribbon or material. Or, if you’re after something more dramatic, simply take down the measurements of your curtains, head to your nearest fabric store to pick out your favourite fabric, sew it all up, and voila, you have a new set of curtains. However if you’re after a more simpler approach (or you don’t have a sewing machine) just visit any homewares store such as Ikea, or bed bath and table (if you’re from Australia), or whatever homewares store you love, pick out the curtains that will fit your room’s windows and your done.

best bedroom curtains modern-curtain-design-pictures Installing-classic-curtains-beautiful-classic-curtain

Move furniture around.

This doesn’t necessarily mean desks, vanity tables etc…simply moving small pieces of furniture such as lamps,  jewellery boxes, shoe racks etc can give your room a fresh new feel. However if you are after a complete overhaul, moving large pieces of furniture around (make sure you ask someone stronger than you to help you out if you can’t move it yourself) can really give your room the look of extra space without having to compromise a-lot, especially if your room isn’t very big.

44923-30 bedroom-deco-ideas bee00ed9ceac5bd5f72006d6a083f6f7.image.1200x795

Add some scented candles.

With the Winter season slowly creeping up here in Australia, the idea of having a few scented candles lying around adds a really nice homely touch and warmth to any room. My personal favourites are usually soy-based wax candles of vanilla, apple, or sandalwood scent.

ecoyaminimetrovb true+grace+scented+candle+fig 4261d8f3c2f1ec68_Picture_3_xlarge

Light up your lanterns.

I am a sucker for paper lanterns, as they give off that nice gentle glow, and for me, they give that feeling of being transported to somewhere mysterious like the Orient or beyond. They are probably more in-tune with warm summer nights, but I think you could use them for any time of the year.

l_hanging-ivory-flower-tower-candle-lantern-wedding-decor-8917 112226805_15-ivory-color-lantern-event-decor-wedding-centerpieces- l_10-graceful-ivory-garden-candle-lantern-wedding-decor-804d

Clean out your closet.

Yep, that’s right, I’m sure you probably have a bunch of clothes lying around that have either never been worn or have only been worn once and thrown away into the already growing endless heap of clothes. There are plenty of ways to deal with this, firstly though, you need to sort out the good condition clothes from the bad conditon clothes. In other words, if it’s ripped or has a stain on it that can’t be removed…toss it into a garbage bag.

Now here’s the hard part. For the clothes that are in good condition, try them all on so you can work out which ones are too big/small for you, and put those into a large tote bag. Donate these to goodwill. I’ve done this alot of times and the feeling of donating clothes to those who will wear it much more than you will, is a very nice feeling indeed. For the rest of your clothes that you’ve either never worn, or only worn once, you can sell these on amazon or ebay or hold your own garage sale (i.e. confessions of a shopaholic style if you like ^^) and might find yourself with a nice small profit.

220px-Well-clothed_baby n1KhbW4 retailers-shopping-bags

And that’s that. I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and maybe it might inspire those of you who are considering doing a bit of spring cleaning, or just cleaning out old stuff in general. If you have any other ideas or suggestions on spring cleaning or just beating the boredom blues in general, feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below, and I will see you all in my next post.




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