Skincare: Spring/Summer Routine

Hello one and all,

Hope the day is going well for you (or night depending where you are in the world ^^).

This will just be a quick post on the skincare products I’ve been using over the spring/summer months, which help keep my “”suddenly-gets-massively-oily-in-summer” skin at bay.

First is the Gingko Facial Wash, which is a real favourite of mine. It’s incredibly effective for me when my skin starts to either oil up or if my skin starts showing any potential pimples that might pop up on my skin. Plus it also effectively removes any left over make-up that wasn’t removed by a make-up remover wipe. Super effective cleanser.

Second is the Laniege Toner. This product comes in either a green or blue bottle. The green bottle is designed for dry skin, while the blue bottle (which I have….I know captian obvious moment much =.=) is designed for combination/oily skin. I started using this at the start of the spring months, though I gave it a real test during the hottest part of summer (in Australia…40 degrees Celsius would be heaven for anyone clearly =.=) and it managed to keep quite a bit of my oil levels at bay. IThe scent is also quite pleasant, and is definitely not harsh on the skin at all. have actually almost finished using this product, which is perfect timing as it is now autumn here so I will be changing to my autumn/winter skin routine in the next few weeks.

Third is my handy dandy Dove moisturiser. This has been really good to me over the warm months, not just with keeping my skin happy (espcially after I finish a workout at the gym) and with the uva/uvb protection, it helps provide a small amount of protection against the harsh sun. Great to use along with any regular sunscreen you have lying around.

And that is pretty much my skincare routine in a nutshell. I hope you all enjoyed this super sweet short post, and hopefully maybe this will help with those who are about to enter into the spring/summer months, and tend to oil up a bit (like me).

See you all in my next post ^^





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