Review: MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation

Greetings everyone, hope you are all having a splendid week. Anyways, welcome to another (hopefully helpful) review, all about the new-ish MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation SPF 15 (AUS $49) which I purchased back in March ( I think?…I do remember doing a haul post on this though) after hearing quite a few positive reviews of this foundation…mainly from the oh-so-lovely WayneGoss on YouTube, who recommended it very highly, which then inspired…more like made me want to take a leisurely stroll to my nearest MAC store to get this foundation.

Anyways, back to the point. Firstly (as with all liquid products) I’m going to start with texture, which is of a pretty nice consistency; not too runny (unlike a certain bb cream >.<) and not too thick; pretty much the same texture as a majority of MAC’s liquid foundations.

The coverage is buildable as well, and you can use this with out without a primer. I personally have been using this with no primer during these cold Winter months as my skin does dry up a little, so using this foundation has kept my skin looking moisturised, whereas with a primer, it would have dried my skin up.

You can apply this with pretty much anything….I personally use either a damp sponge or a MAC stippling brush if I want a ”barely-there” look…or as I call it ”my lazy look” ^^. Also the twist/push pump (just like the Matchmaster foundation) is also great as you can control how little (or alot) you want to use which makes this a pretty economical foundation to have in your make-up bag.


In regards to finish, this will give a very nice, pretty dewy finish, which is perfect for those with dry skin, as well as for those with combination or normal skin.  However, for those with oily/very oily skin should avoid this with a ten foot pole as it will turn you into an oily mess if you wear this, unless the shiny disco ball look is your thing….then by all means.

Overall, I really do like this foundation alot and would recommend it for mainly the Autumn/Winter months as it is a moisturizing foundation, hence the dewy finish. In terms of flashback in photos, this foundation doesn’t give too much of a white cast in photos, but that is  if you don’t wear primer with this. If you do wear a primer and you’re worried about this issue, just use some bronzer and that should cut down the problem.

I hope you all enjoyed this review, and found it helpful in any way. If you have any other foundation suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments box below. In the meantime, I shall see you all in my next post ^^ 2


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