Skincare: DIY Treatments for Common Skin Issues

Greetings one and all, and welcome to another skincare inspired post, all about finding (and using) the most effective skincare treatments to help with those common pesky skin problems…DIY style, because let’s face it, not all of us can afford (let alone be bothered) going out to get a fancy facial done for ourselves.

Plus, the big bonus is you won’t be putting any harsh chemicals into your skin, (hooray for nature) considering most commercial face masks are either quite diluted, (or full of chemicals) resulting in the product being a little less effective than a natural mask. These masks are suitable for all skin types, the most common being Oily/Combination/Dry, however if you do have quite sensitive skin, try testing it on small area behind your ear first. If you get none of the reactions listed below, then go for it.

Sensitive skin reactions:

*Skin Redness

*Increased sensitivity to sunlight

*Itchiness/skin burning

*Scaly patches on the skin

*Swelling eyes/face

So here goes:

*Got Acne prone skin?: Try the popular Oatmeal and White Onions Puree Mask. Yes Onions. Ignoring the fact that they smell and make you cry, mixing oatmeal and white onions together, along with mineral water for a paste like consistency,will actually help reduce acne scarring, thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties from the onions, while the oatmeal acts as a gentle scrub to help unclog pores. Leave for 10-15 minutes then wash off with warm water. Cheap and effective indeed.

oatmeal 1-main-oatmeal-md article-new-ds-photo-getty-article-152-190-87967579_XS

*Acne scarring your life?: Try making a Lemon and Greek yogurt mask. This mask works mainly as a spot treatment for discoloured areas, however if you have large areas of discolouration, spreading it all over the face works just as well. Again, leave for around 10 minutes, then wash off with warm water. A great alternative to the ones you find in chemists/supermarkets which can contain skin lighteners such as hydroquinone, which reduces the amount of melanin-making cells that remove skin pigment.

62669_646350728714991_1451779082_n images
*Blackhead problems?: There are quite a few remedies for this, however my personal favourite involves grabbing a few eggs, then separating the yolk from the egg white into a another bowl, whip up the egg whites till you get a smooth gel-like consistency, and then spread over the targeted areas. Leave for 20 mins, then using a warm cloth, gently remove the mixture off your face. Thanks to the eggwhites shrinking tightening the pores, the blackheads will come out on their own. Either way, it’s much more ideal than ripping one of those pore strips off your nose >.<. Ouch.
raw egg whites egg
*Oily skin that rivals the shine of a disco ball?: As Oily skin can usually be a sign that the under layers of skin are most likely quite dry,mixing up an Avocado with egg white and lemon juice mask is a great solution. The avocado oil will absorb into the skin while the egg white will help tighten pores and whiten the skin at the same time. The lemon juice in the meantime acts as an antiseptic which will help clear troubled skin and reduce redness. Multi-tasking to the max.

*Clogged up pores?: Yoghurt is a great base for the most natural of face scrubs. Combine brewer’s yeast, yogurt, almond meal and Manuka honey mix it all together, and this will help with blood circulation to the face for a more glowing, smoother and fresh appearance to the skin. Manuka honey is also well known for it’s healing properties as well, so it will help with any underlying skin troubles.

honeyyogurt greek-yogurt-410x290

*Having a rough time with enlarged pores?: Those trusty Panadol tablets may help keep your headaches at bay, but mixing a few crushed panadol tablets with Apple cider vinegar, and water and you will get a toner that you can use to help soften and smooth the skin. Best done on a day when you plan to stay home.

panadol apple-cider-vinegar

And that’s pretty much it. I hope you all enjoyed this post, and found it informative in some way. If you want to share your own personal face mask recipes, feel free to leave them in the comments below. As with all these masks, I personally only do these once a week, or fortnight depending on how my skin is going, however depending on your skin type and it’s condition, the amount of times you make these masks is entirely up to you. But do remember that having a good healthy diet will also help contribute to keeping skin problems at bay.

See you all in the next post ^^


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