Review: MAC Prep+Prime BB Beauty Balm Compact

Greetings one and all, I hope you are all enjoying your week and for those who are still enjoying the Summer months…..I am jealous of you >.<.

Anyways, today’s post will be devoted to the new-ish MAC BB Prep+Prime Compact in ”Medium” (SPF 30). Firstly, this product is available in 3 shades (Light, Medium and Dark) and retails at ($48AUS). As with the majority of BB Creams, (in terms of colour) they tend to look pretty much the same at face value, so I strongly recommend you get matched by one of the MAC people before purchasing.

Now, for the review. As someone who is a regular user of Asian BB Cream Products, this was the first time using a BB Cream made by a European company (Yeah I know, but hey, first time for everything right? ^^). As it is a compact, the texture is of a wax/cream like feel, which feels really nice and smooth when applied with either a flat brush or sponge. I use a sponge because I’m lazy, and a bit of a hygiene freak; plus I decided that buying myself one of those 200+sponge packet things was a great idea…. so I’m trying to go through them as fast as a drive through at McDonald’s…..I’m not even halfway yet >.>. However, aside from my terrible sponge purchasing woes, it applies to the skin quite nicely, and thanks to it’s texture, you can build this up or sheer it out for that ”barely there” look.

For those who don’t have a primer, you can double this product as a light primer before putting your foundation on as it will help give a nice colour to your skin which will blend in  nicely with your foundation.



I would most recommend this product for the Autumn/Winter months as that is when your skin tends to dry out a little more than usual, and thanks to it’s moisturizing properties, it will keep your skin happy and keep you looking your best for the whole day.

Great for Dry/Normal and Combination skins. Not recommended for Oily or very oily skin; you will end up blotting your face away even after the cows come home.

Overall, it’s a pretty darn good BB Creme Compact, it helps keep my skin moisturized without making it too oily, and the big plus (for me anyway) is that it’s economical to use, which means you can use as little or as much as you like, and you’ll still have plenty left over.

And that’s all folks, I hope you all enjoyed this review, if you have any other suggestions for other beauty related things, feel free to leave them in the comments. I’ll see you all in my next post.




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