Fashion Haul: Ms.Skinny Jean

Welcome, one and all to my skinny jean haul. I’m sure most of you have at least 2 (or more) pairs of this closet staple in your wardrobes that you love to wear because you can pair them with pretty much anything and everything, and they’ll always look fabulous. Honestly whoever came up with skinny jeans is a legendary hero.

Anyways, a couple of weeks ago one of my favourite pairs officially died….T___T so after some time mourning, I reluctantly dragged myself practically skipped with joy to my nearest denim store and started going through the racks, and ended up with three pairs ^^. Clearly I’m not obsessed here >.>.

First off the rack is the Riders by Lee Skinny Jean ($89.95 AUS) in this oh-so-nice navy colour. I chose this one because 1) it’s mid-rise which means if I’m out and have been eating a bit too much…this will hide the evidence, and second, it will also keep my waist warm for the rest of the Winter.


Second is the Second Skin Super Skinny Jean from Just Jeans. They are more on the low rise end, but they’re still pretty comfortable for me to wear. Plus they’re lightweight so I’ll be wearing these quite a bit in the early months of spring.


The third pair is kind of a new…venture for me. I have always wanted to wear shiny vinyl leggings but I can never seem to find an occasion to wear them. So, I decided to go for the next best thing. Wax coated skinny jeans, which is pretty much the result of vinyl leggings meet skinny jeans, and I must say, I’m really enjoying this pair that I got from Portmans (Brooklyn Skinny Jeans: $79.95).


And that’s pretty much it. I know these jeans don’t look terribly exciting, however, I personally like to go for black and dark blue wash jeans as they tend to go with pretty much anything and everything in my closet due to their versatility. If you have any other suggestions or personal favourites, feel free to leave them in the comments below. See you all in the next post.



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