Organize: My Handbag Set-Up

Hello my lovelies, I hope the week is treating you well and good. I was inspired to do this post after watching quite a few handbag organization videos on  YouTube  and so I thought I’d share with you how I changed my handbag from a cluttered dump to clean and organized.

Firstly, throw out all old/torn receipts, lolly wrappers, and whatever other random bits of paper that you’re convinced just magically appeared in your bag and straight into the bin. If you have small crumbs, dust or fluff, grab either a lint roller or a section of sticky tape and use it to pick up those unwanted little critters.


Second, is your purse. Another item subject to overflowing receipts, paper, discount cards and goodness knows what else. Again, throw out the unwanted receipts, and put away the important ones you need for tax purposes. Now time to tackle those discount cards you’ve been piling up, by sorting out which ones you use the most and put aside the ones you use the least…you’ll probably be surprised as to how many you have ( I know I was >.>).

Take the cards you use the least and put them in a small cardholder or any type of small purse that can fit a bunch cards. The one I use is leather, but you can find plenty of cheap ones at all good accessory stores.

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Now, for those important items such as your drivers license, key-card and credit card (or cards if you’re like me) and place these items in a discreet area of your wallet where no-one will notice (except you of course :p). This is handy for those with who have a purse that zips all the way around, or (like me) you have a wallet that’s a bi-fold (meaning it opens like a book).

110297 images

If you’re wallet is not as discreet, try using a wrist-let type purse instead as a majority of them have credit card slots inside making it a perfect hiding place for those hard to replace cards. Use the rest of the available card slots for those discount cards.

Wome-men-s-100-GENUINE-COW-LEATHER-font-b-wristlet-b-font-clutch-bag-purse-with Free-shipping-new-dumpling-shape-GENUINE-LEATHER-clutch-bag-wristlet-bag-strap-purse-evening-bag-gift

Next up, are your car keys. If you’re someone who has half a million keys that open half a million doors, you might want to get yourself a key wallet; preferably one that has one large ring and several little small hooks on the other side.

coccinelle-blue-key-ring-product-1-13244830-445163445_medium_flex Louis-Vuitton-Monogram-Vernis-4-Key-Holder-Pink-Women-Wallets-And-Coin-Purses-M91544-1

The large ring you can use to put your car keys on, and the small hooks you can put house keys, garage keys…and every other key you have. If most of your keys look the same, try getting them coloured in different colours such as green: house keys, yellow: garage keys etc…not only will it look good, it’ll also keep you organized as well.


Now for the make-up bag. Pick out the items you use the most for touch-ups such as lip balm, lipstick, compact mirror for example and place them into a smaller size make-up bag. Not only will your bag feel lighter, but you’ll be able to navigate easily around your bag alot easier. For those other items (you know, when TOM  comes to visit) you can put these in either a small little clutch, or if your bag has a back zip pocket, you can place them in there as it’s much more discreet, and well hidden thanks to the contents in your handbag.

make-up-bag 9675391-open-bag-with-female-cosmetic-snd-accessories

As for my iPhone, I don’t usually put a case on it is usually in my bag for a majority of the day, however when I do use a case, it is usually  this cute little orange one with a cat lying down at the back of the case. Super cute ^^. If you carry an iPad with you on a regular basis,  invest in a good quality cover that will keep it safe and protected.

orangecat iphone-cases

And that’s pretty much how I organized by handbag. I hope these organization tips helped you in any way, and if you have any other ideas or suggestions on how you personally organize your handbag, feel free to leave them in the comments below or you can tweet them to me on Twitter @meiakane.

See you all in my next post.

”The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt.



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