Empties: Spring/Summer Edition 2014

Hello, Hello everyone, welcome to my first post of 2014. Due to a pretty hectic couple months which was predominantly spent working during the busy Christmas period, I now finally have time to get back to posting more on my blog ^^. *insert cheery music here*.

So, onwards with this empties post for the  Spring/Summer months.

First up, is a regular favourite of mine, which is the Rexona deodorant for Sensitive skin ($5 AUD). I really like this deodorant alot because despite the fact that it contains 0% alcohol and has a low fragrance, it manages to keep the sweatiness of my armpits (admit it we all have sweaty armpits) to a minimum, especially during the stinking hot summer days down in the land of Oz, this deodorant is a lifesaver.

empties 004

However,  before and after sweaty workouts at the gym I use the Rexona Women’s Clinical Protection Deodorant ($5-$6 AUD). It’s pretty effective in keeping me fresh without stinking up as I gradually turn into a sweaty mess after about 2 hours. Plus it also pretty economical, as despite the fact I was using it everyday, it lasted me about 5-6 months, as you only need a little bit, because it goes a long way, plus it has a nice fresh type of scent to it  so if you find yourself working up a sweat and that hot guy in the gym is standing near you, you might go bright red in the face but you will still smell fresh ^^.

empties 001

Thirdly is the Hydrating Water Toner from Skin79 ($25 AUD), which is a Korean cosmetics company, mostly well known for their BB Creams. So I have to say I was pretty surprised to find they also made skincare as well, so when I tried this toner out, it wasn’t too bad. According to the bottle it is meant to be more of a hydrating type of toner, to help keep the pH levels of the face at a neutral level. I have to say it did a pretty good job, especially during Summer, as it kept most of oiliness at bay, however I wouldn’t really suggest using this during Winter, as it may dry your skin out a little. But overall, a pretty decent toner, plus as it’s a pump design, you can control how much or how little you want to use.

empties 002

Next is a product from Nature republic; the Collagen Dream 70 Moisturizing cream ($30-$35 AUD approx). This moisturizer is pretty much the same as the other moisturizer (which comes in a tall glass bottle: I may have mentioned this in my Winters empties post) however it is a little more rich, which is ideal for those with dry skin. The scent is exactly the same as well, though it just feels a little more luxurious when applied to the face.

empties 003empties 005

This next product is a moisturizer from IPKN, part of the Blossom Range ($25-$29 AUD). From memory, this product comes in two different colours. One set has beige/pearly coloured lids, and the other range has pink lids. The one shown below is part of the pink coloured range, which is for those with dry to very dry skin. In terms of consistency, the cream is naturally going to be a little thick,  however it kept my skin moisturized, however I found that when summer came around it made my skin a little more oily, but by then I had pretty much finished this product so it didn’t bother me too much. I would highly recommend this for those with dry-very dry skin, especially during the Winter months.

empties 006

Last and certainly not least is this lovely perfume; Love Struck by Vera Wang ($49 AUD). I’ve been using this pretty much as my everyday fragrance as it’s not too overpowering, but the nice floral scent still lingers nicely for pretty much most of the day. The only annoying thing about this perfume is the lid which is kind of awkward to remove and can take up a bit of space on ones vanity table, however if you like fresh, floral based and clean fragrances, or you just love any fragrance by Vera Wang, this might be the fragrance for you.

empties 007


And that’s this edition’s empties ^^. I hope you all enjoyed reading this post, and that you found it helpful or informative in someway or another. In the meantime, I will see you all in the next post ^^.

”Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get”.

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