Personal Files|50 Random Facts About Me

Hello everyone,

Hope you all had a great week, and I’m sure you’re all looking forward to the weekend…yay!….unless you’re in Australia then the weekend is almost over…T___T

Anyways, I recently went through a few of my old blog posts, and I noticed I haven’t done a single i guess personal (?) themed post ever since I started, so I thought I would do the 50 random facts challenge, as I’ve seen alot of my favourite bloggers and Youtubers do it and I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, so here goes:


1) I’m scared of heights. Such places include: bridges, high towers, office buildings with half a million levels *shudders*. No way will I ever go near those places.

2) I hate mushrooms. The chewiness and the taste to me is just….ugh no, never will like mushrooms.

3) My most favourite coffee that I always order is: vanilla/hazelnut latte on skim milk, with half syrup. I used to take full syrup but the sugar started to mess with two of the fillings I have in my teeth, so I had to cut it down to half. Ironically, I now prefer it with half syrup.

4) I also enjoy chai tea lattes.

5) I have known Luci of Lucilogs for 15 years.

6) My favourite football team is the South Sydney Rabbitohs. Glory Glory to South Sydney!! Reigning 2014 Premiers baby!!!

7) I have seen Beauty and the Beast 25 times. One day that library in Beasts castle will be mine….one day….

8) One of my life goals is to take a picture standing in-between Chris Evans and Henry Cavill, doing the peace sign with both hands. An individual photo works just as well too. Either way I will do the same pose.

9) Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bepop and Deathnote are among some of my favourite animes.

10) Winter is my favourite season as it gives me an excuse to wear my favourite boots, overcoats and scarves.

11) Oren Ishii was my favourite character in Kill Bill Vol.1. Yes, I was upset that “the bride” killed her T___T

12) My idea of comfort food is anything that is hot and spicy

13) Chinese Hot Pot: AMAZING

14) I took tennis lessons for two years back in high-school.

15) I have never seen (and NEVER EVER want to see) ANY of the American Pie Movies.

16) I have never seen ANY Star Wars Movie, and never will. Sorry Star Wars fans.

17) I like to go to the movies by my myself every once in a while.

18) The Joy Luck Club is the only movie that really resonates with me on a personal level.

19) I love wearing flat shoes. I own at least 20 pairs….mainly because I go through them pretty quickly.

20) My all time holy grail perfume is Chanel Chance Eau Tendre (the pink bottle)**

21) I HATE Chanel No.5. I swear it smells like urine. Still don’t understand how it’s so famous.

22) The Backstreet Boys are my all time favourite band of the 90’s. EVER.

23) Green tea ice cream is my favourite ice cream.

24) The first violent movie I ever saw was Scarface (starring Al Pacino) when I was 7years old. So gangsta right?

25) I can’t stand people who walk slowly…..*sigh*

26) Prada is my all time favourite designer label. They’re handbags and purses are just….perfection.

27) Pink is my least favourite colour. **the Chanel Chance perfume is an exception

28) Red and Navy are equally both my favourite colour.

29) I’m addicted to Pinterest. I’m sure I’m not the only one

30) I love Green tea

31) The last overseas holiday I had was 2 years ago with by best friend Luci to Korea…..ALOT of fun times were had ^.^

32) I am half Korean, which makes me Eurasian.

33) No, I am not a huge fan of K-pop, a couple of K-pop songs I can tolerate, but overall, its not my type of music.

34) I much prefer listening to Alternative/Rock/Heavy Rock music, nineties classics and the occasional pop song.

35) Running Man is my favourite Korean variety show. I always end up nearly peeing myself from laughing after every episode.

36) I own at least 30 scarves of all different styles and colours. I’m not obsessed at all…..>.>

37) Every Christmas Day, I always watch The Muppets: A Christmas Carol. So far its been 4 years since I started this little tradition.

38) Glasshouse and Ecoya Candles are my favourite scented candles.

39) I only drink alcohol once a year at most, as I don’t like drinking very much, if at all.

40) On long drives, I like to sing along to the Spotify playlist on my phone loudly in the car while I’m driving.

41) I love overseas Airports, as they are some of favourite places to explore; such as watching all the flight attendants from various airlines walking around, while I try to guess which Airline they belong to.

42) I love travelling on planes, and the processes involved like boarding the plane, landing, take off etc.

43) I hate Oysters. They look like something that should be spat out not eaten….>.<

44) I plan to get at least 3 tattoos one day….just need to work out where to put them.

45) The window seat is my favourite seat on a plane.

46) I will most likely buy a Mac book one day….despite never having used a Mac laptop…ever.

47) I use a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I like it alot.

48) I used to play piano back in the day…..I’m now semi-retired.

49) My first concert I ever went to was Good Charlotte at the Enmore Theatre

50) I have so many earrings in my jewellery collection that I could probably open a small store ^.^

And there you have it! that’s my 50 Random Facts. I hope you enjoyed  reading through all that, and found it to be an entertaining read. I may do a fashion related or a q&a themed one in the future, but for now, I will see you all in my next post.


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