The Hayato Chronicles – A Night Out in Yokohama Chinatown.

Introduction: This opening chapter is an introduction into Meiakane’s story. For those who follow Lucilogs here on WordPress, you’re probably already aware of who she is. I am opening this story with Meiakane going after the eldest son of a highly influential Triad family who stole a priceless family heirloom that belongs to Meiakane’s father, so she heads to Chinatown to well…confront him about it. I hope you enjoy.


The Hayato Chronicles – A Night out in Chinatown – Yokohama

Placing her black YSL clutch purse under her arm, Meiakane made her way towards the back streets she knew all too well, dressed in her favourite Monsoon one sleeve sequinned jumpsuit, a pair of Lane Crawford winged shaped earrings, complete with a Fallon pave setting ring, the gentle sound of her black YSL pumps clicking against the pavement, as she expertly darted in and out of the back alley ways of the busy street food and market stalls of the Chinatown district in Yokohama, the bright lights of the many traditionally styled buildings covering both sides of the streets, filled with people coming in and out of the various shops and restaurants.

Continuing her way along the path, Meiakane then made a sharp right turn, before stopping in front of a three storey glassed building, named Koi Nightclub, heavy thudding dance music emanating from the building, accompanied by a sea of flashing fluro lights.


Flashing her ID at the security guard, she entered the nightclub, the loud dance music now enveloping her ears, her eyes greeted with a sea of patrons dancing away to the heavy beat of the dance music, rays of multicoloured flashing lights blanketing the dance floor below, while female dancers in fluro bikinis and shoulder length bright orange wigs, danced seductively on a long neon blue lit platform, standing against the wall of the nightclub.

Heading to the bar, Meiakane ordered herself a glass of champagne, placing herself on one of the single bar stools, her sharp eyes scanning the nightclub before landing on a large glass booth located at the third storey on the building, her eyes continuing to scan the booth until landing on a male figure, approximately six foot tall, dressed in a black business shirt and black pants, paired with a silver jacket and tie. His black hair slicked back into a pompadour with a faded shave on both sides, surrounded by several men and women, all laughing and partying away.

Shun Chan, the oldest son of the Shun family, considered one of the most influential Triad families in China. The very man who stole her family’s heirloom ring. “As usual Chan, always picking a terrible place to hide” Meiakane said to herself, taking a sip of her champagne to disguise the sly grin on her face, her navy coloured almond shaped nails tapping away to the dance music playing.

Taking her Iphone out of her clutch, she saw a message on the screen from Minata, her Lieutenant. “Where is he?’’ the message read. “He’s in the top level private room. I’m going to go see him now” she messaged back. Seconds later, another message from Mintata flashed onto her screen. “Go to the back of the nightclub through the bathrooms. Best entrance that way.’’ the message read.Taking another sip of her champagne, Meiakane placed her phone back into her clutch, leaving the champagne flute on the table.

Heading towards the back of the nightclub, Meiakane made a left turn where a wall of private toilet cubicles were located, entering the last door and locking the cubicle door behind her.
Noticing a large vent screen above her, Meiakane removed her heels, and hopped up onto the marble sink, lifted up the screen crawling into the vent shaft, closing the screen behind her as she did so, leaving her shoes on the side of the air-vent, making sure no light was exposed on them. She then began sliding as quietly as possible inside the air vent for a couple minutes before coming across another air vent underneath her.

Peeking through the vent openings, Meiakane looked around the room, which was filled with several drunk business men, either playing cards and shouting at each other, amusing themselves with the scantily dressed young girls around them as their hands busily fondled away at the hems of their short dresses and skirts, several lines of cocaine spread along the glass coffee table in-front of them, surrounded by endless bottles of alcohol and small plates of food, the loud thud of the dance music playing only adding to the excessive noise going on in the room.
Disgusting Meiakane thought to herself, as she continued to crawl her way along the vent shaft towards the next room. Nestling her clutch underneath her arm, she gently nudged the vent shaft open, before lowering herself through the open hole, landing softly on a nearby bookshelf, before back flipping onto the carpeted floor. The music from the next room, reduced to nothing but a gentle thudding sound.

Strolling towards the large elegant mahogany desk standing in the middle of the room, she sat in the large leather chair. As she placed her clutch on the table, she noticed the door handle slowly turn downwards, the door itself turning in an inward direction, revealing the same man she had seen earlier in the glass booth walking into the room with several rolls of cash in his hand. As he looked up, his brown eyes met Meiakane’s, his demeanour instantaneously going from happy to nervousness and dread.

“Hello Chen” Meiakane greeted, her hands playing with a small silver paperweight.“What the hell are you doing in my office, you Yakuza bitch” he snapped, trying to hide his nervousness. “I’m just here because a little bird told me that you have a certain ring in your possession” Meiakane menacingly smiled. “So, if you want to make it easier on yourself, just tell me where it is”. She said quietly, continuing to play with the silver paperweight.

The young Triad glared at the eldest Hayato. “No idea what you’re talking about” he scoffed in reply, as he walked towards a small silver safe standing against the wall, next to which hung two Chinese swords. With his back turned, Meiakane threw the silver paperweight straight into Chens head, when he suddenly ducked, grabbing one of the hanging swords swinging it towards the eldest Hayato. Immediately, she ducked to the floor, sticking out her right foot and roundhouse kicking him around the legs causing him to fall to the floor on his back.

Before he had a chance to get up, Meiakane stamped her right foot hard onto his chest, her left foot lifting and flipping the sword, grabbing it mid air, pressing the blade against Chen’s neck. “Wrong answer Chen”. she growled, pressing her foot harder onto his chest. “I…I don’t have it!” he snarled.

Without warning, Meiakane struck the sword against Chens arm. “F…Fuc..Fucking Bitch!!” he cried, holding the open wound on his forearm. “The next wrong answer, and I might take a limb” Meiakane snapped. Chen continued to pant heavily, his face contorted in pain and agony from his wound, the blood now soaking his black shirt. “Goddamit Mei you asshole!” he whined.

Meiakane raised the sword again, slicing through his left knee cap. Chen screamed again in agony. “Ok! Ok!” he stammered “I…I…gave it to my sister, but I don’t know where she is” he panted even heavier. Meiakane pressed the sword hard against Chen’s neck. Chen gave her a panicked look. “Alright, Alright!” he cried. “She…She’s at our temple safe house..some place called The House of One Hundred Fireflies”. Meiakane glared. “Where is it?!” she spat. Chen panted heavily for a few more seconds, his face now of a defeated expression. “It’s…umm….it’s up in the Northern China Mountains somewhere”. he replied.

Meiakane lifted the sword away from Chen’s neck, her lips right next to Chan’s face. “Now that wasn’t too hard now was it?” she whispered, before standing upright again, wiping the blood onto the Triad’s pants. “You’re still a fucking bitch Hayato”. Meiakane smiled, before walking over to the table and picking up her clutch.

“I know” she replied, before grabbing the sword again and slicing it straight through his neck, his head rolling to the floor with a heavy thud, his face permanently frozen in a stunned expression before hanging the sword back on the wall and going back through the same vents she entered into.

Quickly dusting herself off in the bathroom mirror, Meiakane adjusted herself a little to make sure she was presentable. Checking her phone, she quickly messaged Minata “It’s done. Meet me outside” before paling her phone back into her clutch. She then opened the bathroom door, and made her way out of the Nightclub. Once she was outside, a black Maserati Ghibli pulled up to the kerb.

Seconds later the drivers side door opened, revealing a six foot three tall male dressed in a polished navy business suit, his black hair styled into a short pompadour fashion with a slight fade, walking over to the passenger side and opening the door for her. Meiakane smiled at him. “Thank you Minata”. “Your welcome Mei” he smiled, before heading back onto the drivers side.



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