Hayato Chronicles: Shaolin Temple

Synopsis: After leaving her childhood home, Meiakane and Minata both head to a Shaolin Temple in the Northern China near where Triad Shun Hui is hiding within another remote Temple, while also surprising her sister Ame.

A few days had passed since Meiakane had arrived at her childhood home and she had done much catching up with her father. As for her personal mission to retrieve her family heirloom ring, she delegated this task, upon her father’s request, to her younger sister Ame. Coincidentally however, it turned out perfect as she had just received word that Chan’s father was now out for revenge due to her killing his eldest son.

That’s what happens when you steal from my family Chan, your whole family suffers. Meiakane thought to herself, zipping up her Prada suitcase. “Ready to go?” a male voice spoke from behind her.

The eldest Hayato turned to face her Lieutenant, dressed in a charcoal grey blazer and pants, with a white shirt and black vest underneath. “Yep, let’s go Minata”. She replied, readjusting her navy pencil skirt and black blouse, before picking up her suitcase and heading towards the stairs, where both her father and Reina stood at the front door.
“Have a good trip Mei” Reina smiled, hugging the eldest Hayato tightly. “Thank you Reina” she replied, gently patting her on the back.

Meiakane then moved onto her Father. “Goodbye father” she said quietly. “Now that Mr Hui is after you, you must stay safe my daughter” his expression showing concern. Meiakane nodded in reply. “Yes Father”. Masaru nodded slowly. “That’s my girl” he smiled, gently squeezing his daughter’s hands and letting them go.

Pulling up the handle of her suitcase, Meiakane turned and headed out the door, giving one last wave goodbye to her father and Reina. Minata was close behind her, also carrying his own bags towards the parked Maserati. As they both entered the car, Minata looked at Meiakane, a small smile on his face. “Next stop China?”. Meiakane nodded. “Time to put this matter to rest I think” she replied, letting out a deep sigh.

Shaolin Temple – Northern China Mountains – 2 days later
Typing the last of her emails, Meiakane leaned back against her chair, arms outstretched above her head. She had been working away for at least a few hours, and it was starting to annoy her a little.
Deciding getting some fresh air and a nature walk was the best solution, she readjusted the belt to her white Yukata, then tying her long black silken hair into a low ponytail. Normally Minata would join her on these nature walks, however as he was still sleeping off the jet lag from their flight, she decided to go it alone. Sliding the wooden door open to her room, she put on her slippers lent to her by the Shaolin Monks, and stepped down from the stairs and onto the worn cobblestone path of the Temple.

She had used quite a few of her connections to arrange shelter within the Temple itself for her sister Ame, herself as well as Minata, as she had promised the Head Monk of the Shaolin Temple that no violence would occur on their holy grounds. But these were all necessary preparations before Ame would meet Shun Li, Chans younger sister and also the one who now had their family heirloom ring in her possession.

It was almost Dusk, and the sun was setting behind the snow-capped mountains, the horizon covered in a warm orange glow, as a gentle wind passed through the blanket of trees.Picking up a small flower from a nearby tree, and sitting on a nearby wooden bench, Meiakane absorbed the view, breathing in the clean air around her.

Despite her yakuza upbringing, enjoying nature was a great relief to the eldest Hayato, as it helped ease her mind and forget the killings and violence that she knew was always going to be a permanent part of her life.

As another gentle breeze passed through, a certain familiar Tom Ford cologne scent wafted over her. Turning around, she saw Minata standing behind her, dressed in black pants and a navy business shirt that had the first three or four buttons undone, just showing the top part of his chest. “Not a bad view huh?” he asked, walking over to Meiakane and sitting beside her.

The eldest Hayato turned to her lieutenant “Yup, not bad at all” she nodded, twirling a flower in her fingers as she gazed down at an open courtyard located below her.
“So, how was your sleep?” Meiakane asked.
“Pretty good actually” he replied, leaning back a little against the wooden bench.
“That’s good to hear” the Yakuza replied quietly.

Minata raised an eyebrow. He had grown up with Meiakane since he was 6 years old, and she was 4 years old, where they had shared a lot of experiences together, so it wasn’t very often he saw his childhood friend anxious over things.
“What’s wrong Mei?”

Meiakane turned to Minata, her dark brown eyes reflecting her anxious state. “Dad said to try a different alternative with Chan’s father, what if he doesn’t buy it?”
Minata pondered this for a moment. “He has to, he has no other choice”
“But what if he doesn’t? what if he decides to do something else” she queried, playing with her Yukata belt.

Minata gently squeezed Meiakanes hand. “The man’s just lost his two children, like any father, he has a right to upset, but he is wise enough to know that spilling more blood won’t bring them back. But, in-case it all goes to shit, we can always put the Hinatori on standby”
“That is true, but how do you plan to have the Hinatori on standby?”
“Well,” Minata began “I say we split them; three at home, and the rest at your office. Hiroyuki is always with your father so that’s an extra hand already”.
“I’m impressed Minata”
“And that’s why I’m your Lieutenant” he grinned, planting a kiss on the eldest Hayato’s forehead.

Meiakane laughed, in response at her lieutenant and child hood friend. Aside from her immediate family, and her personal assistant, he was the only other person who knew how to cheer her up and make her feel at ease whenever she was feeling anxious.
“Well, Ame will be here soon so we should get going” Meiakane noted, as she watched the Monks light the large red lanterns lined all along the temple walls.

“You know your sister will certainly be surprised to see you here” Minata spoke, his arm hooked with Meiakane’s own as they walked back to their room. “The only thing that will surprise me is if she turns up wearing half decent clothes” the eldest Hayato laughed, hugging Minata’s arm tightly.


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