Happy New Year!!|Hello 2015

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having an amazing 2015 so far, wherever you are in the world,

I Just wanted to start off this post my saying I hope you all had a wonderful and happy Christmas, and to wish you all a happy and successful 2015; may it bring you lots of love, happiness, and joy to you all this year.

So speaking of new years, I thought i’d share one of my new years resolutions, and that is to post more on my blog as…well…I haven’t done a good detailed post in some time…..*insert embarrassed and shamed emoticon face here*.

The reason being for this is that towards late 2014, alot of things started happening in my life, and my schedule got pretty cluttered, hence a severe lack of blog posting….T___T but this year I am determined to post more regularly, *insert rocky theme music here* I am aiming for 2 times a week for the time being, for good detailed posts such as reviews, hauls etc….as well as the regular Polyvore board collages I like to post up ^.^ every couple weeks or so.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, brief as it was, the next post will be 50 random facts post so that might take up some…space lol…hmmm

See you all in the next post ^.^