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Happy Hauling: April/May ’14

Hello one and all, I hope you are all having an awesome week. ┬áIn today’s post I thought i’d share with this haul that I’ve been doing over the past couple months, as I’m someone who tends to just buy bits and pieces and then before I know it a small mound suddenly appears on my make-up table. So, here goes:

First up is this stick foundation from the ”Fit Me” (AUD $15.95) range by Maybelline in shade 120. It gives a matte coverage, while the anti-shine powder core it gives a powder like finish.


Second is Lady Danger (AUD $36) Matte Lipstick by MAC. As I have quite a few shiny finish red lipsticks, I thought I’d take a leap of faith (cause I’m so brave right? :D) and try out a matte finish version.


Third is another MAC lipstick in ”Sunny Seoul”(AUD $36). I never really go for coral-toned lipsticks but for some reason, I’ve been in a ”think outside the box” kind of phase, so I went ahead and got it, and Seoul is one of my favourite cities in the world so clearly I’m not biased here ^^.


Next up is a liquid eyeliner felt pen from Loreal. As I’ve never tried drugstore eyeliners, I thought I’d start with a Loreal one, and so far it’s been performing pretty well. plus it is smiliar to the Lancome Art Liner eyeliner pen. Also it was 40% at Priceline a couple weeks ago, (whoo hoo for sales) so I bought it.


This next product is a blush from Topshop. Yes I bought make-up from there. First time for everything. The colour is in “Dream Phone” (AUD $15) which is similar in colour to MAC’s ”Fever”/”Breezy” blush.


Next is a new product I’m about to try out, which is this ”Nuance Airy” hair treatment cream mask ($23 AUD) by Japanese brand Essential, which is designed to help with damaged hair and give it a bit more volume. I’ve seen BubzBeauty give this product a positive review on one of her vlogs on YouTube some time ago, as well as seeing it featured in quite a few Japanese fashion magazines (I just get them to look at the pictures) so I thought I would give it a try. Plus the fruity scent is quite lovely as well. I will be doing a review on this in the future, once I start using this on a regular basis.


Lastly is the Face It Baked Shimmer Blusher ($32 AUD) from the Face Shop. If you are after dupe to the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick blush, this quite a good copy of it. It’s not as pigmented and strong as the Bobbi Brown one, however it still gives a hint of shimmer and colour to the cheeks. Great for the warm summer months.


And that’s pretty much it. I hope this post was informative in some way. Till next time, see you in my next post ^^


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